iweardogsocks (iweardogsocks) wrote in wow_gilneas,

o look at that a gilneas community.

so hey. is this community dead or just new? I was poking around elljay and found it and joined and all that.

I have an undead priest thats level 48 named Nami and no alts. alts are for silly people. that being said i know absolutely nothing about any class besides priests.

are you all alliance? that would be sad if you were.
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Just new, and unadvertised. I should probably promo it somewhere, eh? :)

maddening and I have several characters each, on both sides, though most are alts (silly ones of course) level 20 and under. Our mains are low-mid 50s on the alliance side.
lvl 60 horde rogue here ;)
Hi! I hate to make you sad, but I am alliance on my main - Shora. Hunter, currently lvl 50. I do, however, have a horde alt at a low level.

I never claimed not to be silly.
he he:)
I know jackie(aka Zheonia) can i get in on this whole group?
I have a level 47 troll shaman Deathomizer
ive seen you before nami.. somewhere:)
zheonia is amazing rogue:-D
O-M-G DEATHOMIZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XD hi.
its Dulrogue! remember me? from TPL? you were a 1337 pvper email me (punkrockskater121@yahoo.com) any other horde can email me too! no alliance >.