Sir Digby Chicken Caesar (akadashi) wrote in wow_gilneas,
Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

Question for the rogues...

When it comes to poisons...

1. What kind(s) do you use?
2. Which weapon do you use it on (main or offhand)

I used to use crippling poison a lot, but I've had a Mug O' Hurt for several levels in my offhand (as does the wife, bless 'er - it's a conk!-fest around here) and I only really care about slowing down mobs that run away when they're near death anyway, so no more crippling poison for me. Mind-numbing and wound poison seem kinda useless to me unless you're fighting a VERY specific mob, so I haven't even picked them up beyond the first level or so.

SO. I typically use instant poison (just got level 5 - w00t!) on my main and deadly poison on my offhand since deadly will stack and has a higher chance of being applied. Does that sound about right, or am I doing this HORRIBLY HORRIBLY WRONG, OH DEAR GOD WHY??

aaaaaaaaah thank ya...

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