Sir Digby Chicken Caesar (akadashi) wrote in wow_gilneas,
Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

Guild Recommendations

Technically, I'm currently in a guild but it literally consists of me, maddening, and our alts. This doesn't really lend itself to higher-end instances and gear, so I'm considering transferring guild ownership to an alt and joining a larger guild. I'd really like to experience all of the content the game has to offer, and I could definitely use some equipment upgrades that the auction house simply doesn't allow for.


1. I'm mostly a casual player, with a family (hey, pets count!) and a *very* full-time job, so I couldn't always be available for non-stop Molten Core runs and so on.

2. I have a pretty low tolerance for "ZOMG LOLZ LEARN2PLAY STFU NUB GHEY FAGIT" etc. so I'd want a fairly "mature" guild.

3. I believe that being laid back, helpful, considerate, and silly are all things you can do while still taking the game seriously.

Given the above statements, does anyone have any recommendations for an Alliance guild on Gilneas (or Horde for that matter - can't forget the alts)? Level 60 combat/assassination rogue, 300 lockpicking, 300 elemental leatherworking, good with teamwork / coordination, etc.

(Note: the forums seem to be down today, or I'd start looking there first, of course).
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