Sir Digby Chicken Caesar (akadashi) wrote in wow_gilneas,
Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

Rogues and Spirit

Today's stupid question: does spirit affect a rogue's energy regeneration rate?

Really, I feel like an idiot asking this, especially a few bars from 60 with my main and countless alts to 20-30 or so, but I've seen too many conflicting opinions in chat and other forums/boards and I want to know for certain. I used to believe that spirit DID affect my energy regen rate, so I've got a lot of "of the wolf" items, but these days I'm inclined to believe otherwise and would love to ditch the +SPI for +STA/+AP or something.

Definitive? Anyone? I KNOW you know... :)

And then there's this:

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Tags: attributes, energy, equipment, gear, rogue, spirit
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